Mock up poster in white brick wall,

Mad Holiday Canvas Giveaway




1 – Post a photograph of yourself (or get your family/friends to pose for you), recreating any one of my illustrations. It doesn’t have to be one of my pinups it can be any one of my illustrations and don’t worry about making it EXACTLY the same as long as you capture the overall look. In other words feel free to put your own spin on it but please be sure to make it a clear enough representation of the art piece you selected to recreate. Be creative! OH and it must be a photo. Feel free to use photoshop, 3D or illustration but these tools must be in addition to/combined with photography.

2- Yes you may submit more than one entry. Be mindful of your level of quality. It’s better to spend enough time creativing one pretty cool image vs two “ok” images. 😉

Mock up poster in white brick wall,

3- REMEMBER to TAG me whether you’re posting on FB or IG. If I don’t see your image I can’t judge it, know wut I mean?? So tag me:
INSTAGRAM – @themaddhattr and if you want to add #sharethemadness I won’t be mad at ya! :)
FACEBOOK – Joel Santana (TheMaddHattR)

4- Deadline: NOVEMBER 21, 2015 11:59PM

5- Winner will be announced November 24, 2015


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